Tuckers Party Rental

  1. Rental prices are based on 24-hours term. 
  2. Start: Choose a date and time for  your rental items.
  3. Return: Select next day within 24-hours. 
  4. Add the items you need to the shopping cart.
  5. Pop Up Tents can be picked up by customer from warehouse. Customer is responsible for setup and breakdown.
  6.  The following tents are not allowed to be picked up by customer: Pole tents, high peak tents and frame tents.
  7.  Delivery fee is located in the shopping cart. Select the range of distance from warehouse to your event.
  8. We do not offer same day pickup after 4 pm. All items will be picked up next day.


If you are planning an outdoor event, we have got you covered with our range of tents available in different sizes and prices to suit your needs, be it a small backyard event or a large corporate function with over 250 guests. Our inventory carries High Peak Tents, Pole Tents, Canopy Tents and Popup tents. With years of experience under our belt, we can guarantee you a seamless event, thanks to our efficient installation and breakdown process. Our warehouse is located in West Hartford, serving the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island areas. Let us take care of the tent setup so that you can focus on the other aspects of your event. Contact us today and let’s make your outdoor event a success.
Tent Rental West Hartford Connecticut High Peak Tent

Pop Up Tents:

We have pop-up tents available for pickup in our West Hartford warehouse. Please note that transportation, setup, and breakdown are the customer’s responsibility. Stakes are necessary for grassy areas, while concrete weights are needed for concrete, pavement, or asphalt. Keep in mind that the tents offer shade and light rain protection, but not heavy rains, snow, or strong winds. Please consider these factors before choosing.

Customer can elect delivery and we will take care of transportation, breakdown and installation of the Pop Up Tent. 

Side walls are not included in the tent. They are an extra charge. 

Pole Tents:

Our Pole tents are perfect for those planning outdoor events on grassy surfaces. Relying on a center pole structure for support, these high-quality tents will provide ample space for your guests to mingle and enjoy the festivities. We offer installation service for our Pole tents, ensuring that they are properly set up in a flat and open area, free from trees, furniture, shrubs, and any other obstacles.

Though they’re designed to be used on grass, we can drill holes on asphalt  if needed- at an additional cost, please contact the office for asphalt setup, we need at least 2 week notice to provide the asphalt setup service. It’s important to note that they can not be anchored down with concrete blocks nor water barrels.

Flames or fire should be kept a safe distance away from tents. Customer is not allowed to pickup from warehouse. We must deliver and install pole tents.

High Peak Tents:

Are you planning an event and want to impress your guests? Look no further than our beautiful, elegant and modern tent structure. These tents are designed without a center pole, providing an open space perfect for capturing gorgeous photos. Whether you need a tent set up on grass or asphalt, our structure is incredibly versatile. When installing over asphalt we will use water barrels to anchor down our tents. We also can drills holes into the asphalt to anchor our tents down at an extra charge. Please contact office for our drill service. Two week notice needed for drilling.
Plus, it can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain and strong winds. Need additional space for your event? Our tents can be joined together to create an even larger structure. Don’t settle for an ordinary event, create an extraordinary one with our stunning tent structure.

Keep flames and fire away from the tent. These tents must be delivered and installed by us. Customer is not allowed to pickup from warehouse.

Frame Tents