Tuckers Party Rental

Online Rental Store

  1. Rental prices are based on 24-hours term. 
  2. Start: Choose a date and time for your rental items.
  3. Return: Select next day within 24-hours. 
  4. If you are using a phone to view our website, click on the category and scroll all the way down to see the items.
  5. Add the items you need to the shopping cart.
  6. Delivery fee is located in the shopping cart. If you need delivery, select the distance range from the warehouse to your event location. 
  7. Tents: Select a period of 24 hours for pricing. Tents are installed one or two days before your event and picked up the next day. Customer only gets charged for a period of 24 hours. Call office for help 860-839-7825.
  8. We do not offer same day pickup after 4 pm. All items will be picked up next day.
  9. The following items are not allowed to pickup by customer from warehouse: Thrones, Tents, Dance Floor, Stages and Bounce Houses. (Read item description for restrictions)
  • Rental prices do not include setup and breakdown, with exemption of tents, stage, dance floor and bounce house. If you need setup and breakdown of chairs, tables or etc contact the office for a quote. 
  • Customers are welcome to pick up at our location in West Hartford CT.
  • The following items cannot be picked by customer, we have to deliver: Thrones, Tents, Stage, Dance Floor and Bounce House.
  • Additional rental charges will be incurred if items are not returned on dates and time contracted.
  • A credit will not be issued for any items that were unused.
  • To avoid additional fees, all equipment must be repackaged in the same condition as it was received.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to inform Tuckers Party Rental of potential delivery obstacles, such as driveways not accessible by a truck, narrow doorways, stairs or small elevators. Tuckers Party Rental will not be responsible if equipment cannot be loaded onto a location due to obstacles.
  • All equipment must be protected from weather at all times.
  • Any item damaged or dirty will incur in additional cost. 
  • Tents are set up the day before and taken down the day after your event, but you will only be charged for one day of rental. When making a reservation for a tent, select the actual date of your event and select return next day within 24 hours. Our team will adjust the dates to avoid any extra charges. Chairs, tables, and other items will also be delivered on the same day as the tent installation.